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November 2016



November 27, 2016

My latest collaboration with IVYREVEL showcases their stunning knitwear pieces! These two jumpers are a modern take on basic knitwear that I haven’t seen on the high street. Their online store has so much more to offer and they deliver worldwide for free.

Use my codes “JANINE35” or “JANINEESPENCER20” to receive discount over the Black Friday week and until the end of the month!



November 13, 2016

When Lounge Underwear approached me for a promotional collaboration I didn’t ever think that I would love their intimate pieces as much as I do. Designed for “lounging” around in, the brand has really hit on a concept for their pieces that is so simple and have executed that idea in a super stylish way making their sets a huge success online. I have suffered with constant breast pain since forever! A problem that is medically termed “Costochondritis” which is a condition affecting the cartilage that joins your ribs to your breastbone that becomes inflamed – making wearing under-wired and heavily padded bras an uncomfortable experience. Lounge Underwear gets rid of those rigid structures and strips it down to the basics – just pure stretchy, soft fabric. They are my go-to underwear as soon as I get home and of course for lounging around in on a lazy Sunday afternoon. These sets are available for purchase online via their website.



November 7, 2016


JARLO London’s latest autumn/winter collection has something for everyone this festive season. With Christmas fast approaching it is always a period in which our diaries become full of dinner parties and nights out which call for full-on glam! I got to try on these two numbers from JARLO London – who seem to be taking the occasion-wear sector by storm at the moment – and the dresses were perfection.

You can find them teaming up with powerhouse online shopping giants such as and REVOLVE who will get these stunning piece out to you asap, or better yet head over to their website directly! Dresses featured above are called Elyse and Ashley.