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January 2016

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January 4, 2016

If you’re planning a trip to Dubai before their summer heat hits and have no idea what to pack… I’ve got you covered. From a night out to a day at the beach I have listed my tips and suggestions for you to have a look at and answer all those questions you might have floating around about what to bring in your case.


The clubbing scene in Dubai if you haven’t already heard is pretty good to say the least. It is like a fashion show when you get out there and everyone is looking their best in the latest catwalk worthy trends. Think ultimate glam! Anything goes, low cut tops, body-cons, high heels, jumpsuits, heavy jewelry, thick eyelashes – anything! So don’t be afraid wear whatever you want and do it with confidence. My main tip would be just wear what you would wear back home to go out, but really think along the lines of stylish and any trending styles at the time – glam it up!


Brunch is a must-do when visiting Dubai. It happens every Friday (the weekend starts on Friday) and you will probably find it more of a task deciding which Brunch to go to than what to wear. However, Brunch is a rather formal occasion, so definitely do not turn up in a bikini and a throw over with your flip flops on. Think along the lines of – elegant, chic and effortless. Kind of like what you’d wear to dinner, but go more with a SUMMER vibe.


There is a massive beach club culture in Dubai and with so many stunning venues on offer you’ll want to spend all your days lounging on the Palm, with a cocktail in hand, looking out on to the Dubai skyline. Throw on your best bikini or swimsuit, any style goes but my tips would be make sure your cover up, summer dress or throw over is as glamorous as your swimwear. I wouldn’t go as far as to say you should wear what you would wear to go to Ocean Club in Ibiza (the only exception to this rule is if you are going to Blue Marlin). I would suggest something more low key, but still something that makes every girl’s (and guy’s, obviously) head turn when you strut in to claim your sun bed.


Going out for dinner in Dubai especially on a special occasion was always my favourite kind of night, be it a girly catch up, birthday, date night I loved getting dressed up for it and making a night of it. The restaurant scene in Dubai is amazing! There is so much choice (like everything in that city) and there is something for everyone. The venues are always 5* and require you to dress accordingly. My suggestions are maxi dresses, jumpsuits or that outfit you want to wear to the clubs, but just cannot justify getting it stepped on or drink thrown all over it. Sophisticated is the concept.


Day trips to the mall are always fun (carrying back all the bags isn’t though). If you’re worried about what to wear like so many people do when they come to Dubai try not to over think it. Like I said in my previous blog Urban Legends of Dubai there isn’t fashion police hunting down people who have their shoulders and knees on show. It’s totally fine to go to the mall in a cute summer dress just so long as it doesn’t draw attention to you. I suggest midi skirts, ripped jeans, tailored summer dresses -always look chic and casual.